Being a Fully Online Student while Living in London



The last term for my Master degree programme in the UK has officially started since a week ago!
While some of the postgraduate students have finished all their classes and deadlines so they can focus on the dissertation or final report, I am still struggling with one final 5000-words-essay and (yes I still have) one 30-credits-module in this term.  (Un)fortunately, the module is conducted fully online (yes, yes, there will be no face-to-face session at all, no presentation, EVEN no online meeting, no deadline for weekly activities, no no no). Soo, technically, I have a very supeeeeeeer flexibility time to do so manyyyyy thiiiiings.

But, here the challenge is: your learning pace and everything is fully under your control. It is (AGAIN, truly) my time management skill which is needed to be upgraded.

A week has been passed and …
I have met some of my enemies who are always ready to make me lose my focus:
1. Ms It-is-just-twenty-minutes-power-nap-but-hey-then-you-fall-asleep-for-two-hours that usually comes when the cloudy London is hiding Mr Sun so that it is cold outside, then staying peacefully under your warm blanket is just so so so unbearable.
2. Ms London-is-just-too-beautiful-and-today-is-sunny-day-so-lets-go-outside that … hmm, this one is reasonable right? I only have less than six months left here in London (justifikasi, wkwk)
3. Ms My-room-is-quite-messy-so-lets-tidy-it-up that will let me spend hours and hours re-arranging my desk
4. Ms I-am hungry-so-lets-eat-some-foods
5. Ms Wow-the-internet-is-so-fast-so-I-can-stream-many-interesting-videos-in-youtube that has video recommendations which are like chain ……………. and can you please just close the app?

So, I need to level up.
I need to fight them and cannot let them lose me.
Wish me luck!

“Tidak akan bergeser kaki seorang manusia dari sisi Allah pada hari kiamat (nanti), sampai dia ditanya tentang lima (perkara): tentang umurnya, untuk apa dihabiskan? Tentang masa mudanya, untuk apa digunakan? Hartanya, dari mana diperoleh dan kemana dibelanjakan? Ilmunya, bagaimana dia amalkan.”
– (HR. Tirmidzi)


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