Do not forget: A Person of Past, Present, and Future.

Nowadays, I am (probably too) busy with my own self. Ugh.

It is said that, there are some check points in somebody’s life which need very advance decision making ability, they are:

  1. when a person graduated from high school, in terms of deciding major and university where he/she is going to study at;
  2. when a person graduated from university, in terms of deciding his/her career path;
  3. when a person is about to choose the one who he/she is going to share his/her life with.

As somebody who is struggling to pass the second check point, I am feeling like living in the three periods of time at once.

Firstly, as a full-time worker, I am living in a present.
For your information, currently I am working as a research assistant in Digital Library and Distance Learning Laboratory (I am planning to write in detail about this later in other post(s)).

Every morning, Pak Harry (my supervisor) usually sends me an email about what should be my work focus in a range of time. Besides, I also have a few long-term job list that should have some progress every day. Therefore, it is not difficult to list what should be done every day in terms of my job as a research assistant in lab.

Within minimally five hours per day (my duty work hours in lab), I become a person of present, with to-do-list that has not been finished until now. Hehe.

In some other hours, I must try to still become a person of past and a person of future.

I am trying to remember every road and important things that I have been done in the past. Recall what have made me very happy in doing them. Evaluate them. Realise many continuous and repeated mistakes and failures. And then, slowly, look for a little success to be made into pieces of puzzle. Who knows, there probably be something hidden in there, and can be the clue.

Connecting the dots. I am trying to connect what have been passed with my current condition. Being a person of the past who is learning from my own history of life.

In the night (like this time), I am busy with being a person of the future. Using all of my imaginary quotients to have the future of me (and those who I care about) reflected in my mind…

Apa ya, tugas duniaku dan kontribusiku?


Yosh, Selamat berjuang. Do not forget!

Jangan lupa pulang.
Jangan lupa observasi sekitar.
Jangan lupa olahraga.
Jangan lupa ketok-ketok kamar Naya.
Jangan lupa main ke lab Babe.
Jangan lupa turun dari lantai 3.
Jangan lupa jalan-jalan.
Jangan lupa bacaan dan tontonannya.
Jangan lupa harus belajar jadi orang yang seru.
Jangan lupa menyeimbangkan diri juga. Jangan lupa isi log.

Jangan lupa berdo’a dan minta izin juga sama Yang Nggak Pernah Lupa.
Dan nabung untuk kehidupan selanjutnya.

Jangan lupa, nggak boleh sedih. Nggak boleh drama.
Harus cerita dan mendengarkan yang penting plus menyenangkan di setiap waktu sempit yang berharganya.

Ohiya, jangan lupa sabar, syukur, dan semangatnya 🙂

Semoga Allah menjaga kita.
Semoga yang kita kerjakan juga tetap berorientasi pada kebermanfaatan bagi banyak manusia lainnya nantinya.
Di atas langit masih ada langit. Mari tahu diri.
Wish me luck.


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