The Clash of TA*: #1 – Initial Phase

*TA = Tugas Akhir/final project


One day in the past, one of my friends ever told me that I was a tipical of “The Jack of All Trades, Ace of None”. People continuously said that I am the one who “can” do many things. I understand, I can make them, but hey, I am an expert of none. Then, one big question came up in my mind: “What is one specific skill that I want to/will/need to/am able to/can concern about in this field?”. I tried to look for something that I “read from cover to cover” and “dig from surface into the deepest” day to day in the field of computer science.

But I found none. I got some interests diversed in many sub-fields…

Instead, I found myself wants to improve my skills and gives all efforts when people told me that I am being needed. Or once I know that I do something useful and benefical (or if it was one of my taken course so I absolutely have to get a best result on it). It is hard for me to drive my own capabilities when they are not specifically being used.

Do not know whether it is good or not… 


And here I am now.
Finding myself unoccasionally hard to finish the only-about-three-pages document. Finding myself just sent that document in two weeks after deadline. In order.. to make this three-pages-document can become my start for making something really useful for one thing that I have being entrusted in.


It is going to be very challenging. And it has to be.

This is my story about the six-months-before-graduation (Aamiin): The Clash of TA.

Clash of TA is name of my whatsapp group consisting those who are doing their final project in Mr. Harry B. Santoso‘s supervision


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