It was an early evening. The other one was a late afternoon.
Both were quite similar.
They were raining.
And I was leaning against the window, frightened.
The first one was a fear of losing. The other one was a fear of getting lost.

Then, only one question was coming up…

“Tidak ada seorang muslim pun yang mendoakan kebaikan bagi saudaranya (sesama muslim) tanpa sepengetahuannya, melainkan malaikat akan berkata, “Dan bagimu juga kebaikan yang sama.”
(HR. Muslim no. 4912)

“Were we echoing a same prayer over there?” 


“Mungkin ada saatnya kita akan egois dengan urusan bumi kita masing-masing. Mungkin kita akan menjadi saling bersikeras tentang siapa yang paling berjuang. Mungkin saja kita pada akhirnya akan saling membandingkan.”

Yeah, stupid me. I am so sorry because I was just (again) being overly-worried.
Those lips were just so dumb, holding all the undeliverable words.
Selfishly, cannot do anything but pray. 


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