UX Indonesia – Malaysia Seminar 2014

Hi there! For the first time in forever (Anna’s style #eh), I got a chance to join an International Seminar! Yeah, although the event was officially only organized by the collaboration between two countries: Indonesia and Malaysia, there were also those who came from Australia, USA, China, India, and many more. The fee for joining this seminar is quite expensive. But Alhamdulillah, I and 9 other students from UI (all from Fasilkom anw) got a scholarship so we can join for free (yeaah)

This event was held at Bidakara hotel, South Jakarta. There are a lot of things been discussed, since the user experience has a very wide scoop in life. Opened by the fact about UX in Asia and the UX community in Asia called SIGHCI delivered by Mr. Zhengjie Liu from China, Responsive Design, UX process and strategies, Kansei theorem, HCI practice, User Testing, Design Thinking (the teleconference), until the most interesting one for me: Learning Experience Design. All sections were delivered by each own experts!

With all participants
UI student representatives with Ms Harry, Ms Eunice


I hope I can implement all knowledge that I got from this Seminar through Sunsquare’s product and soon be able to share it to you all 😀

For those who want to see the presentation slide of all section, please kindly contact me 🙂

And this is the facebook page of UX Indonesia community -> https://www.facebook.com/uxindo. There are a lot of UX-related posts there, so you can get a lot of information and knowledge there 🙂

Hmm, I think, I am really into design. The structural design.


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