Just like riding a time machine, after the very latest 23, today I bravely tell you about this story. 
About five feet on the land of dream. 

Kansai International Airport, 18th January 2014

It was still my number one that time. Saying to my brain many times that it wasn’t a dream since I took my first step on Kansai International Airport. “Don’t wake me up, please, if this was just a very long dream”, I said to him.

It’s Japan, guys. JAPAN. 

OSAKA, 19th January 2014

It was 2 degrees celcius outside.
Even one minute delay is impossible.
Realizing that Sholat is something that you really have to fight for.
Knowing that McDonals never been as delicious as that time.

KYOTO, 20th January 2014

Snow, Snow, Snow.
Three feet get along together this time.
The city of Japanese culture.
Not only about Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji, or amazing Kiyomizu-dera.
It’s also about a struggle for finding a place to meet Him.
That was pay off by a heartwarming place named Rose Cafe.

FUKUOKA, 21st January 2014

That day was also not only about the Ebi cizu sushi that was really delicious.

Admit it. Mission Accomplished isn’t it?
Congratulation… 🙂

BEPPU, 22nd January 2014

And for me, this day was the D-day. Icha is still the Smiley Icha that I know.
Listening about your crazy dreams all night always succesfully fires me up.
Thank you for that one day trip around very beautiful Beppu-shi. I got you, cha! 😛

And finally, 23rd January 2014.
I didn’t want to say any “Sayounara”. It was “Ja mata”. Because It wouldn’t be my only time to step on that land.

Untuk Digun, Tatsuki-kun, Icha, Jihan, Widuri
Perjalanan ini menjadi semakin keren karena adanya kalian.

And of course…
Untuk Zego, sang kakek ketua rombongan yang sangat ngeselin dan sering banget gw omelin
Untuk Teh Tuti, yang selalu bijaksana, menengahi, menentramkan dengan pelajaran-pelajaran kehidupannya
Untuk Amei, yang selalu ceria dan tawanya yang renyah
Untuk Rian, yang ga pernah ragu juga lelah membantu dan selalu berpikir positif
Terima kasih tak terkira atas perjalanan yang sangat keren, petualangan yang tak terlupakan, setiap detik yang terlewatkan, setiap langkah yang sudah kita lalui, serta derap kaki dan kepalan tangan perjuangannya.
Jangan lupa next stop kita ya!

It was the five adventurers.
And this is not the end.

To be continued, in our very next stop. 


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