It was October, if I’m not wrong, the prologue of this (maybe) not long story, the first 23.
So, let me be a story-teller for a while
I will tell you the story about a flock, consisted of 5
five people, who have a very big dream
five fighters, with their own way to reach it
five souls, with their own goals
Goals that are different in many ways, but the same in the others.

It was a tall guy, the brilliant one, who had made this story has its start..
It was his dream, a dream about to take an adventure towards the land where his very best friend’s struggling at.

“I’m in”, said a girl that always holds her pencil.
It was the same, her dream for taking a step on the land where she and her two best friends made a promise to study at. The biggest dream whom she had in that time.

Then this story flew to the second 23.
A girl who has a very bright smile and a cute girl who always happily laughs were also in.
Finally, the last fighter, a kind guy who always sees everything in positive way, had perfectly completed this squad.

This is just a prologue as I said.
This story will just begin in a real, soon.
Because this is just about a story of the D-10.

A journey.
An adventure.

Will Begin.

So, let me tell you this story again..
After the very next 23.

-to be continued-


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