AKATSUKI: And The Dawn Was Rising

Author : Miyazaki Ichigo
Publisher : Mizania, Bandung
Number of Page : 304 pages
Date of Publishing : October 2009
Prize : Rp. 35.700,-

Anybody who is looking this book for the first time must be suspect that it is a Japanese novel and has been translated to Bahasa. You don’t need to worry because I also thought it is. But, actually it’s not. Miyazaki Ichigo is a Pen Name of Muliyatun, the newcomer of author from Bandung whose interest in Japanese culture. She tried to serve a romantic love story, not only covered by Japanese culture and society, but also full values of Islam.

The story focused on an Orphan Japanese girl, Mayumi. She was adopted by Nakano’s family and lived as a normal teenager with her step-parents and also a brother named Shun. In High school, she got a lot of friends. But, there was a boy who always made her felt curious, Kagawa Satoshi. Satoshi was disappeared every lunch time. He also didn’t get any respect to the girls. Satoshi was very popular because of his kindness and smartness, but always kept silent.

Mayumi’s life was going perfectly until unexpectedly confession from Shun and her meeting with Henry, a Shun’s friend from UK. Suddenly Shun was change and then Mayumi was chased away from Nakano’s family. The quest to find her true family and identity were started. Till her found that way, way of the brightest dawn…

How would Mayumi’s life run after that? How could she find and solve her hesitates? Could she find a way to heal all of her pain in her heart? Who was a mysterious boy, Kagawa Satoshi’s true face? What did Satoshi mean for Mayumi? Who was Henry? You can easily find the answers only by read this novel.

This novel is amazing. Cultures and places in Japan are explained very well and descriptively. Completed with anime-soundtrack lyrics in some parts to add more total comprehension in plot and conflict happened. True love discovery of Mayumi is also storied romantically without step over the limit of Islam’s norm. I think this novel is very good to be read by teenagers in this time. So that they will know that love with struggling and parallel to Islam’s way will give more beautiful ending, not as Love which usually wrong in its expression of. But, maybe the easy-predictable plot will little bit bother you. However, it won’t make you want to stop and feel regret to read this novel.

“boku yori mo, boku no koto wo umaku ai seru no wa, kimi ni shika inain datte, wakatte…”-I realize that the only one who can loves me more than my self is you...

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